Global Scholars teen program

Posted on 10th December 2018

Our son Andrew (15 last summer) absolutely loved his stay with ISAI. The classroom learning is always mixed with exciting activities (learning to surf, horseback riding, cliff diving,) so the days fly by, and it was an enjoyable, very fun, learning experience. The trips up to the Emigration museum in Ulster, and to Derry really make the Irish history the kids have learned about come alive.

Andrew’s favorite part was getting to know the other campers from around the US and Europe (they had a few kids from Spain and France I think). Andrew had never been to Ireland, or away from our family (he’s one of 4 children), and is generally a quiet kid until he gets to know people/feels comfortable. Niamh, John, and the staff are wonderful. Andrew felt at ease, and part of the group right away. They do “icebreaker”/bonding programs the first day/night at the Donegal campus so the kids can get to know each other, and feel comfortable in the group. The program attracts nice kids who are curious about the world, want to meet new people, and experience the culture, beauty, and history of Ireland.

Maryellen, Andrew’s Mom 2018