Thanksgiving trip to Ireland University of West Alabama November 15-25 2018

Posted on 28th November 2018

We often get asked ‘when’s the best time to go to Ireland’, and we say, quite honestly, that you never can tell! And to prove this, probably one of our very best programs of 2018, weather-wise, was the visit of the University of West Alabama in late November this year.  And they were here for Thanksgiving – obviously it’s not a holiday we celebrate in Ireland, but we gave our visitors a helluva day- surfing in the morning, horse-back riding in the afternoon, and then a delicious meal at Bundoran’s ‘The Peak’ restaurant. We had a super 10 days, covering loads of history and culture, – and of course the connections between Alabama and the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement were of great interest to our students and faculty. Many thanks to the Global Studies people at UWA especially Connie Marine, who set this ball rolling – and sincere thanks to Dr. Rob Riser for all he did to deliver this program, and thanks to Dr. Lesa Shaul and Dr. Ashley Dumas for assisting him, and for being awesome.

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