Global Scholars Student testimonials 2019

Posted on 21st August 2019

These testimonials were written by our Global Scholars students after their 2019 program. If you would like to contact parents for further reference, please email us at and we will connect you.

Eden   New Jersey, Aged 17. July 2019

I feel more independent, capable, self-assured and confident. I also felt very moved by and connected with the land and culture. Making the friends and meeting the people I did was really wonderful, and I’m so happy to continue my friendships when I return to the States. My mind has been opened and infused with a much deeper understanding of Ireland than I had previously. I’m immensely grateful that I had this opportunity. My favourite experience was the field trips to historical places. This trip was better than I expected. The best field trip was to the Cavan Burren and the best outdoor activity was going to the stream and the woods and having a campfire.

James New Jersey, Aged 18. July 2019

I am so grateful for the experience and the magic, mystery and love I have been blessed to receive. I will definitely recommend to anyone interested. I wish there was more nature involved only because I would spend every second with mother earth if I could! Everything has been perfect and I have learned and developed my consciousness in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Peace love and positivity to all the beautiful souls that were a part of this. The best field trip was the caves, Cavan Burren, Loughcrew, Queen Maebh’s Cairn, anywhere with nature. The best outdoor activity was surfing or coasteering.

Mikalea  New Jersey Aged 17. July 2019

I liked this Ireland experience because I was able to meet new people and create bonds with them. I was also able to explore Ireland at places that I would not have gone to if I went on a family trip. The classes were fun and informative and I learned a lot from them. The best field trip was the Marble Arch Caves. The best outdoor activity was horseback riding through the mountain.


Abaigeal  New York, Aged 16. July 2019

I was really nervous coming here at first, but honestly I don’t even know why I was. This program has let me be more knowledgeable, has allowed me to meet new and exciting people. I am so beyond happy and grateful I got to do this.  The best field trip for me was Derry; it was really powerful to see a place that has risen above such violence. The best outdoor activity for me was probably coasteering or night lining. I really enjoyed them and would definitely do them again.


Keira   New Jersey, Aged 14. July 2019

Being in Ireland has shown me a lot in many aspects weather it was history related or environmentally related. It has motivated me to spark some well-needed changes that can and need to be made in the United States. The best field trip for me was Queen Maebh’s grave. The views I saw was well worth the hike. The best outdoor activity for me was surfing.

Aurelia   New York, Aged 15. July 2019

This experience in Ireland affected me in a great way. I learned about Irish history which is something I never learned or heard about before. This affected me in improving my knowledge on Irish history. It also affected me on how other people view Americans. This experience opened my mind on everything and also made me a better braver person. The best field trips for me were Queen Maebh’s grave. The best outdoor activities for me were coasteering and Cliff Jumping.

Vincent  Florida, Aged 17. July 2019

I came to Ireland not really knowing what to expect from this trip. Throughout the last few weeks, I have made friendships that I hope last decades. I learned so much about a country that I had really liked and considered myself to be a better and more knowledgeable person for it. In addition to learning about the current Irish culture, I gained insight into Irish history and found that there are many similarities between this country and mine. The best field trip for me was Sliabh Liag Cliffs and the best outdoor activities were kayaking, Cliff Jumping, coasteering and raft building.

Emily   Texas, Aged 17. July 2019

I took this trip to escape what was happening at home. This was really the trip I needed. Before I came I found it hard to speak up and wasn’t exactly the best at participating, after the trip I’ve found myself to be different. I constantly find myself voicing my opinion, even if it’s my difference than others. I’ve also been being much more brave than I think I’ve ever been. I constantly surprise myself as I participate in jumping off cliffs and rock climbing. Every time I’ve sent a picture or called my parents, they get excited to see how I’m smiling and laughing. I haven’t been able to truly smile for a long time, yet here I am with a permanent grin on my face. So thank you Niamh, Collie, Eva,  and any other staff member for making my summer in Ireland one I’ll never forget.

Vicky New York, Aged 17. July 2019

My experience in Ireland has really opened my eyes to just how much can be done for environmental sustainability. Additionally, I enjoyed seeing a country that hasn’t been affected by industrialisation and prior to coming to Ireland. I never knew a country could be as green as Ireland. Moreover, I really enjoyed learning about Irish culture and history because I didn’t expect things to still be around from 10,000 BC- really cool to see all of it. Furthermore, I’m happy that I got to make new memories and that now I have an uncle Collie and aunt Niamh. Lastly, I definitely come back to Ireland for just a vacation or a semester/ Gap Year in Ireland. So I can see more of Ireland.

Celine   New Jersey, Aged 16. July 2019

This trip informed me about nature and people around me. I learned so much stuff about my dad’s grandparents background, and met new friends that I could keep for a lifetime. Instead of learning history, we were able to visit these historical events and witness it ourselves. The best field trip for me was Sliabh Liag cliffs and the best outdoor activities were coasteering and Cliff Jumping.

 Teika   New Jersey, Aged 16. July 2019.

My experience in Ireland was very interesting. I believe I’ve seen a different version of myself that I haven’t seen before. I’ve been more open, calm, nice, understanding, willing etc and those are qualities I couldn’t have found in New Jersey and around certain people. This trip has strengthened my love for history and gave me affirmation for what I want to do in my future. I for sure will be majoring in African American Studies at Duke University in two years. This has shown me how to do things on time and not to depend on anyone to do things for me which is a good trait to have. The best field trip for me was Derry. I think I liked it a lot because we spoke about the civil rights movement, that is important to me. The best outdoor activity for me was horseback riding. I’ve never done this activity before so it was scary but very interesting.

Neika   New Jersey, Aged 16. July 2019.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience in Ireland. I loved my teachers and the adults. My friends encouraged me through everything. The field trips were eye opening to me. The history of Ireland was very interesting to me. I like history and the way Niamh taught was very good. The cities we went to were very pretty and I love how the history of Ireland was still intact. I would like to study theology in college so learning about religion was really interesting to me. The best field trip for me was The O’Donnell Castle and Galway City. The best outdoor activity was horseback riding.

Thank you Niamh and Collie!

Mairead  California, Aged 16. July 2019

I have been looking forward to this trip and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. My favourite parts were when we were in the classroom learning about the culture and history of the Island. Niamh is such a good teacher and she really made the material fun to learn. Then when I was able to make the connections between all the wonderful places we visited after class it made the experience that much better. Not only the learning aspect but the sports especially surfing really let us have a break but we were still able to take in Ireland. Overall, I will definitely remember this trip and be telling everyone about it until they get sick of me.

Thank you so much.

Cameron  Illinois, Aged 16. July 2019

Being in Ireland really opened my eyes to myself. I realised while being on this trip, that I actually enjoy the outdoors. The fact that almost all of Ireland is covered in Green made me realise how much America has disturbed the land I live on. I also got to find out how well I make friends because despite being nervous about making friends, I was able to have an entire group of friends that I feel I will always have.

Claire  California, Aged 18. July 2019

What a great trip and opportunity! Everyone was inviting and all the activities were great. I learned so much about Irish history and culture that I wouldn’t have known before I came (specifically about leprechauns). I also noticed how they preserved their history so well and were so good at teaching about their culture, too. I will bring home the larger idea of sustainability and will definitely be Surfing a lot more.

Leah  New York, Aged 17. July 2019

I feel that this experience has really opened my mind to new things. It has made me think more about my surroundings and be more observant. I also think that I have become a bit more outgoing. I’ve definitely learned a lot and have some things to take back home with me. The best field trip for me was the Marble Arch Caves.

Conor  New Jersey, Aged 16. July 2019

Being the first time I have left the US, this was one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life. I know that this trip will never leave my memory and it has only made me want to come back.

Patrick  Georgia, Aged 15. July 2019

I really liked the process of learning and going to see what we learned about. I very much liked all of the natural field trips like to the first field trip. It was really interesting to see all the small houses where people used to live long ago. I also liked to see all of cave systems in the cave we saw on the last day. I really liked living in the hostel because you had lots of room and a shower where you could control the temperature.

 Tiffany New York, Aged 17. July 2019

Being in Ireland was amazing. It’s a beautiful country with so much wonderful scenery, and I loved all of it. This was my first time travelling abroad and I don’t regret taking the leap and going on this program. I’ve met people I want to stay friends and be in contact with, and it helped me to learn a culture not commonly taught back at home. I wasn’t used to seeing so much green around, since I live in a city. A highly industrial city with loads of technology around. Ireland felt a lot like a series of many different towns, but it all felt lovely. I love the food, the people and the activities, and id love to come back to Ireland again.

Daniel Wisconsin, Aged 17. July 2019

This class allowed me to more intimately and fully know Ireland’s history. The program connected specific places and events to a degree I would have never experienced without this trip. History, ecology and cultural study are no longer disciplines that I only see affecting people through general trends. I can now see the degree to which each person is both the direct product of the history, culture and environment of a place; as well as how much one person can shape any of these realities. I know far more about each field I studied in Ireland, and I can more wisely study related disciplines beyond the context of Ireland. I am wiser thanks to this trip, and I thank everyone who made that possible.

Anna  Connecticut, Aged 16. July 2019

I really enjoyed this trip overall, and it taught me a great deal about who I am as a person, in a crowd, and as a student. I wish we did more field trips or learning and less DAC activities. I was tired from doing so much awesome stuff but would have liked a bit of time for relaxation here and there. The course was extremely interesting and well taught, along with the trips. I learned I am a very independent person, and I feel a stronger connection to my Irish heritage now. In total, this trip was amazing and helped me to learn more about myself as an individual, which I am grateful for.

Aubrey Montana, Aged 16. July 2019.

Overall, I am happy with my experience here in Ireland. I was constantly surrounded by warm including people/ Staff. I really enjoyed learning about the history and culture of Ireland and hope to take many ideas I have seen back with me to Montana. I am impressed by the sustainability efforts here compared to the US and plan to inforce some of the things I saw in my school and throughout my community. I am left in awe of this beautiful country and deeply inspired.