Parent Testimonials Global Scholars Summer Program 2019

Posted on 21st August 2019

To respect the privacy of our parents, we are not posting contact details, but all of the parents below have offered to be contacted in order to speak to prospective new global scholars and their parents. You can contact us at to be connected. You can also read student testimonials here

Global Scholars Student testimonials 2019

Tricia  Parent of Mele , 16. July 2019.

We were absolutely satisfied with all the pre-program information that we received. The WhatsApp  group worked really well for all teachers and parents during the program. Mele wants to go somewhere else next summer with AFS, her twin sister said would you go back to Ireland. Mele said she would never want to take the spot away from another person who wants to do it. She said it was the best experience in her young life.

Ruth  Parent of Claire aged 18. July 2019

Claire selected this program because of the location and the activities offered.The communication during the program was excellent- blog and Instagram. The program directors, information, communication and overall organisation was wonderful. It was a fantastic experience for our daughter.

Cornelius  Parent of Abaigeal aged 16. July 2019

The reviews and experiences of past students placed a huge part in our decision. The pre-program information was perfect. The communication during the program exceeded our expectations. I cannot express how thrilled we were with the whole program. Would recommend to anyone.

Becky Parent of Leah aged 17. July 2019

Information about the global scholars program popped up on my Facebook newsfeeds. We were very satisfied with the communication. The blog was great. We were trying to limit contact with Leah and the blog was a good way to keep us informed. We were very satisfied with the program. Leah had a wonderful time; it was an incredible opportunity for her.

Elizabeth Parent of Eden aged 17. July 2019

I accidentally ran across this program on the Drew website when looking at summer courses.

I trusted the Drew connection and related college credit; the information on the website, including previous blogs and pictures, gave a good feel for the program; we liked that it is both academic and field trip/ nature oriented; 3 weeks is a good length of time to really immerse in Ireland and have some independence from Family; cost is reasonable for all that the kids get out of it.

Your communications were always very helpful. We were thrilled with the communication throughout the program. You conveyed the events of the day, the gist of the lesson, some of the conversation, and lots of pictures- we felt connected and privileged to know so much about how it was going. Great to see the kids happy and out being active too.

Erin Parent of Aurelia Aged 15. July 2019

The ability to earn college credit, the structure of the program and location where all factors in which persuaded us to choose this program. I was satisfied with the pre-program information. I was satisfied with the communication during the program. I do not use social media and I still felt very informed and connected via the Whatsapp group text and the daily blogs.

I am very satisfied with the program and will be recommending my teenagers schools, my employer NYU as well as share the information with friends and family.

My long-term intent is the send my two other children to the program in the coming years. This is a fabulous, well-organised team that made the children feel welcome and apart of each activity as well as a safe environment for the kids to travel abroad on their own.

Kristin Parent of James Aged 18. July 2019

I had an unfair advantage, having been on an adult trip with ISAI, but I knew that this would be a life changing experience for James and it was! I did not look at any other programs.

First, the beauty and rich history and culture of Ireland is an amazing backdrop for a rich educational experience and there is absolutely no better way to learn about history and culture than experiencing it. The beauty of Ireland is a set up for seeing the world and life in a new way. However, second and more important, the people of Bundoran and Niamh’s team are genuinely committed to kids and their positive growth and development and I witnessed it first hand. So, I knew my son was going to be in very good hands.

Everything was thorough and helpful and reassuring- and everyone involved was responsive and helpful. I have nothing but praise for everyone involved.

Niamh and the team went above and beyond to keep parents connected and reassured throughout the entire trip. I waited patiently everyday for Niamh’s blog and it never disappointed. The pictures were awesome. I know it was a tremendous amount of work, but it was very much appreciated.

I cannot say enough about this amazing program. I wish all my children could attend. This was the life-changing experience I thought it would be for James and has set him up beautifully for his transformation to college and the next stage of his life.

Shivaun  Parent of Mairead Aged 16. July 2019

My daughter wanted to find a summer program in Ireland.  My daughter loved reading the blogs from the previous year’s program and learning about all the fun activities. I liked seeing the structure of the academic program and other activities. Niamh was so responsive to each email I sent.The daily blogs were great! I was very satisfied with the program. My daughter actually wanted more in-class instruction- that’s a first! She loved working with Niamh.

Diana  Parent of Neika and Teika Aged 16. July 2019

I heard about this amazing program at a meeting at my daughters school. The mere fact that my daughters will be able to travel around Ireland studying and learning about the different cultures, while meeting new people is a massive advantage especially seeing the credits will also be offered for college. I was extremely satisfied with the pre-program information. The communication during the program was superb, it was brief yet informative. Since a link was provided I was informed about my children’s daily activities. I am overall satisfied with this program. It gave my children the opportunity to learn something they would never learn in school. This program informed them of different cultures and the history of different places in the world.


Eileen  Parent of Anna Aged 16. July 2019

We felt that this program had an ideal design- combining classroom learning with field experiences. It was also an advantage to earn college credit. The location in Donegal placed ISAI above an urban area because students had the opportunity to visit some cities, but they had a chance to live in a spectacular natural setting for the summer and visit unique geographical and archaeological sites.

We were extremely satisfied with the program. I feel that it got all of the big things right- educationally, socially and the sense of confidence and joy that came from deeply experiencing another culture for a few weeks. Learning about Ireland was infused into every activity, and global understanding was nurtured in a nuanced, individual and positive way. Each day brought new topics, new travel, and new experiences which cumulatively developed a thoughtful, unforgettable, and truly unique learning experience.

Our group originated from all over the US which enriched the program because students learned about the perspectives of other US teens while they shared the experience of discovering Irish history and culture. The immersion aspect made it transformative. It was a pure shift away from one’s local environment to a wider perspective.

This was a tremendous opportunity for academic and personal growth, which have already shown positive returns in terms of independence gained through international travel and self-reflection at the midpoint of high school. Participating in the Global Scholars Program will have a positive influence on future plans, providing a practical reference point to inform the many decisions involved in the college process and an emotional touchpoint to refine goals and plans along life’s journey.

Kathleen  Parent of Conor Aged 15. July 2019

My daughter Kaeleigh participated in a similar program in 2016. Fast forward 3 years and my son is now the age my daughter was then. Kaeleigh had such an amazing experience that I wanted my son to be able to do the same. I researched online the program and found it now was 3 weeks, associated with Drew University and offered college credits as well. When I found out it was led by Niamh, I was all in!

Being familiar with the program Kaeleigh experienced, knowing it was led by Niamh and held in Bundoran I was hooked. I also liked the fact that it was associated with Drew University and would allow my son to get college credit for attending.

The website was very informative and Niamh and her staff were great with emailing all needed information. Information from when my child arrived in Dublin, until he boarded the plane home was exceptional. From that Whatsapp group to the blogs, we were kept well informed of what was going on. As the mom of a boy, I was most appreciative, as he did not communicate much while away!

I am highly impressed with the program, what the kids learned, and the experiences they were able to enjoy. I will be recommending the program to others in my town.

Chris  Parent of Keira Aged 14, July 2019

We heard about this program through the parents of Olivia Horne who also attended the program with Keira. It seemed to have a good mix of classwork, outside activity and cultural immersion. We were very satisfied with the pre-program information and the communication during the program. Process, communication, and content of the program was excellent.

David & Tanya  Parents of Olivia Aged 14, July 2019

We heard about the Global scholars program form the Drew University Website. Olivia had done a creative writing program there in 2018. The scale of the program seemed appropriate. Small town, not city, a few dozen students, not too overwrought or fancy- matched what we hope Olivia’s expectations should be going forward; realistic, not firstmade luxury all the way. The program looked engaging and interesting, the price was right and Olivia’s friend Keira’s parents were on board.Very through, loved the photos and updates and the group Whatsapp text formed. As parents we were very satisfied.

 Vince   Parent of Vincent Aged 17. July 2019

Our son found this program online and it was the only one he considered. We were very satisfied with the pre-program information and the communication throughout the program. The program was great, our son had the time of his life and learned so much about Irish History and Culture.