Davidson County CC return again for more Spring Break craic! March 8-15 2019

Posted on 20th March 2019

Where would we be without our old friends from Davidson County Community College? Thanks to the trojan work of Suzanne La Venture, DCCC returned in numbers for another interdisciplinary study abroad program in Ireland, and there was much craic and ceol and fun!

We welcomed the troops on a typical March day, and as John marched everyone to the Lough Crew Passage tombs, all the jet-lag fog was blown away! Davidson were joined on this trip by Virginia Tech and Tarrant County College Texas, so we had a great crew to educate and entertain over the week. We also had Jeri from Central Piedmont Community College, and Brett and Dale from Isothermal Community College as part of the group, so we hope to see them return as faculty leaders in the future.

DCCC were first to brave the surfing during the week, and set the bar high for the other groups. They also had the magnificent Collie introduce movie night, and accompany them to Dublin for the EPIC visit, and Niamh was their guide to Donegal Castle for a reminder of just how handsome Aodh Rua O’Domhnaill really was. Then there were shared lectures and trips to The Giant’s Causeway and Dunluce Castle, Sliabh Liag Cliffs (and Mairead’s fish and chips, and a bit of a sing-song in the Harbour Bar in Killybegs), and of course, a very moving visit to the Bogside and Derry City, on a very significant day.

Here are some comments and pics from the trip!

‘For just a week’s study, ISAI did a splendid job unpacking the wealth of history and culture of Ireland. The lectures, combined with the field trips were the perfect complementary blend of learning and experience’  Brett Parker, Isothermal Community College

‘A masterfully guided learning experience. ISAI provides you with the tools to safely push your limits while exploring the beautiful Irish landscape, all while learning about the rich and deep history and culture that makes Ireland so special.’ China Moore, DCCC

‘ISAI gives students a genuine Irish experience in just one weel. No easy feat! I’m going home very impressed, and I’ll be back! Victoria Hundley, DCCC.