UNC Worldview Professional Development Program Feb 2020

Posted on 4th March 2020

Thank you for the amazing experiences in Ireland that will last a lifetime!  I have returned from our journey inspired both professionally and personally.  I am so grateful to have had the wonderful opportunity to travel around such a beautiful country and meet such interesting people.  This trip far exceeded my expectations and it was an honor to be in the company of such great leaders in education. Duplin County Schools is excited for continued collaboration with World View and our new friends in Ireland to take global education to the next level!  

With sincere gratitude, 

Austin Obasohan

The UNC World View Leaders in Education Program in Ireland in February 2020 exceeded expectations. Niamh and John arranged  school and university dialogue as well as cultural visits.  These experiences really brought to life our shared humanity.  

Although we may come from different backgrounds, we all share similar goals to improve education and quality of life.  Niamh and John made it possible for us to connect in new and meaningful  ways with school leaders in Ireland to share, connect, grow and equip others.  #sharedhumanity 

Grateful beyond measure,Susanne Long


I hold a piece of Ireland in my heart! You and John have so much to do with that.  You were excellent leaders, teachers and guides. Now, friends.  My wheels are spinning about how to sponsor a group of teachers/admins to attend a week-long event at ISAI.  My experience was so meaningful that I want the same thing for my teaching faculty and administrators.  The presentations were so thoughtfully prepared and shared with our group prior to each field trip that I felt the history “come alive” once we arrived on site.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Myra Cox 

The Institute’s broad-based, interdisciplinary approach to study abroad provides participants with holistic learning opportunities even in niche programs. As an educational leader, I was particularly impressed with the power of storytelling prominently displayed by the staff as well as by members of their partner organizations. I highly recommend ISA Ireland as a setting for transformative experiences for both student study abroad and staff professional development. 

Thanks for everything!

Dean Roughton.

Thank you for a wonderful week!  The program you put together for our group was a wonderful learning experience for me.  The week had had a great blend of planned events and time for you to experience Ireland from your own lens.  After being a participant myself, I would definitely trust my staff and students to be a part of any program the Institute of Study Abroad Ireland puts together.  Thank you for all you do and I look forward to bringing my own group to share the same experiences.  

Rodney Peterson. 

From start to finish, every element of this trip was thoughtfully executed, ensuring that we returned home with a clear understanding of Ireland’s cultural, political, and historical significance and our interconnections. We look forward to bringing future groups of students here to expand their global competence.

Pamela G. Senegal.