Faculty Testimonials -CCID Fall Forum Ireland September 2019

Posted on 15th October 2019
The testimonials below have been written by participants of the professional development/faculty site visit to Ireland as part of the 2019 CCID Fall Forum.

Our next Professional Development/Faculty Site visit is in September 2020. Click here for information.

The prospect of international travel never appealed to me.  My working-class upbringing led me to believe that study abroad was only for the rich or famous.  I carried this belief into my practice as an academic administrator and I subsequently did not champion study abroad programs.  The CCID Fall Forum in Ireland has completely transformed my thinking.  The reasonable price, manageable trip length, and familiarity of language made me understand that study abroad is both accessible and practical for all students.  I cannot wait to share this experience with my students!

Torry L. Reynolds, PhD, Forsyth Tech NC.

It is hard to write a testimonial for the CCID forum. Normally you would think expressing how incredible a trip was would be an easy task, but when the level of exception is exceeded in every domain, it is hard to succinctly state your experience without sounding fake.  Niamh and John are professional, attentive, and knowledgeable.  Every detail has been well thought out with their attendees’ best interest. Their passion for study abroad is evident and they are able to weave Ireland’s past and current history, culture into fascinating and relevant narratives connecting with each participant’s area of interest.  The combination of discussion and experiential learning is seamless.  This CCID forum allowed me to grow as an individual and academic.  I generated many new friendships and collaborative working relationships with individuals who are as passionate as I am for study abroad.  I am truly thankful for this experience. 

Carla Foley, Waukesha County Technical College WI.

I had the most amazing trip attending the CCID Fall Forum with ISA Ireland.  I am a Community College instructor, and this was my first time traveling internationally.  This was the perfect first trip for me and hopefully, for my students.  The language was not a barrier, the country is very safe, and the people are welcoming to visitors. The Forum consisted of other instructors from similar colleges across the US and colleges from my home state.  Some were veteran study abroad participants and were very glad to share their knowledge and maybe even do a consortium type approach with us “newbies”. During our time in Ireland, Niamh and John introduced us to the beauty and culture of their country. The agenda was very educational in all aspects from lectures and site visits, and how to integrate these experiences into the curriculum. I cannot say enough good things and am ready to go visit again and hopefully share these experiences with my students. 

Angie Rudd, Gaston College NC.

I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing week I was able to spend with CCID & ISAI.  The connections with other faculty/administrators around the country has provided me with resources that I did not realize I would gain, but more importantly, I appreciated the learning that happened.  Whether it was discussions on the bus or lectures in the morning, I have gained a profound appreciation for the beauty of diversity and perspective in all we do.  The accommodations were superb, and my only regret is that I did not get to surf in Ireland! But I guess that means I will have to gather a new group of students to share that experience with.

Becky Adams, Snow College UT