Course Samples

A range of courses to suit multiple Subjects

All of our classes have been built to match current college accredited courses, and to be used across a variety of disciplines.

The aim of each mini-lesson is to embed into the classroom experience, an alternative, non-American perspective. It will internationalize the lesson by adding international content, delivered by a non-American instructor, in a relevant context.


Video lectures and 
lesson plans

Each course is entered around a ±10 minute video lecture, with an accompanying lesson plan to provide additional context and structure.

Teaching resources and 
talking points

Our courses are bundled with teaching resources and talking points , so that you can easily integrate our lessons into your current plans.

and workbooks

We detail learning outcomes for each course, and have created a student quiz to accompany each lesson,

Course Examples

The Bronze Age

This content will use the Irish bronze Age period as a platform for thinking about technology, cultural progress, environment and sustainability, and cultural transitions. 

Categories: History, Social Science, Politics.

The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement

This content will present the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland for comparison with the USA civil rights movement. In this lesson, we trace the movement from the first televised March in 1968 to the Long March in 1969. televised March in 1968 to the Long March in 1969. 

Categories: History, Social Science, Politics.

Celtic Mythology

This course covers the Bronze Age civilization from 1000-600BC, looking at the societies and culture of the time.

Categories: History, Social Science, Politics.


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