A range of courses to suit multiple Subjects

All of our classes have been built to match current college accredited courses, and to be used across a variety of disciplines.

The aim of each mini-lesson is to embed into the classroom experience, an alternative, non-American perspective. It will internationalize the lesson by adding international content, delivered by a non-American instructor, in a relevant context.


milwaukee class lecture

Video lectures and 
lesson plans

Each lesson is delivered to your students via a video class from our campus - presented with captions by one of our professors, with presentations, images, maps and resources. Video lessons are between 10-30 minutes long, depending on the subject. A lesson plan and teacher notes will also be included in this bundle.

Teaching resources and 
talking points

Our courses are bundled with teaching resources and talking points, so that you can easily integrate our lessons into your current plans. The expected learning outcomes from each of our lessons are documented, and we can also create further relevant lessons to intergrate your required outcomes. We send you our source material and suggested readings and resources.

sligo hospital mercer forsyth lecture

Quizzes and Evaluations

Everybody likes a quiz, and we have included a very easy ten-question quiz in each bundle. We have also included evaluation sheets which you can return to us, to help us make any required changes or upgrades to the material. Our lessons are ADA compliant.


We want our resources to reach as many students and educators as possible, which is why we are offering coupons to schools/universities/online learning platforms for access to our content library. Please contact us at for more information on how you can access the content for your institution.ou can access the content for your institution.