Why Ireland?

Why Ireland?

Safe & Friendly: English Speaking

Scenic & Historic

Culturally rich & diverse

Modern – but very old!

Easy access & communications

Packed with resources for a variety of programs

Ideal for comparative programming and shared narratives

A gateway to further travel

Why Donegal?

Donegal wears Irish history on her landscape; ancient tombs, monasteries, castles, stately homes and Irish cottages.

Donegal includes several Irish language speaking areas called Gaeltacht’s along the coastline.

Donegal is the heartland for traditional Irish music and culture.

Donegal’s proximity to Northern Ireland allows us to study the Northern Ireland Peace Process and the Irish Civil Rights Movement, ‘The Troubles’ and the Irish Peace Process.

Neighbouring Yeats’ Country is associated with the literature and folklore of Ireland.

Donegal is the home of Irish surfing.

Donegal is Ireland’s friendliest county. There is a Céad Míle Failte (one hundred thousand welcomes) everywhere you go.

Why Institute of Study Abroad Ireland?

Long established professional relationships with colleges and universities

Partners with CCID and NAFSA

Excellent relationships with Irish/UK Colleges and Universities

Approved providers for Irish Government Global Irish programs

Experienced and highly qualified faculty, instructors and guides

Safety and supervision are a priority

Fully integrated campus facilities with accommodation on-site

Bespoke programs designed as your course components

Full assistance with planning, logistics, curriculum, travel and activities