Stevie Rudolph

Posted on 6th July 2015
Stevie Rudolph graduates

Stevie Rudolph graduates

“I came to Ireland with my high school, and ended up returning to do a semester. My first three months away from home now coming to an end. It feels like I just got here and it can’t be over already, it seems weird to be leaving. I have made such strong connections with everyone on my course and the different people who have helped me along step by step. Never before did I ever think I could push myself as hard as I have on this course. It has really taught me a self-discipline I did not have before coming here; I also learned new limits by pushing myself as far as I could go.

I have really enjoyed my time here, there is so much that I will be taking home with me, so much that I have accomplished. I have become a certified lifeguard. I have a new love for surfing. I have made connections with those on my course and those who work here, I could not have asked for a better group of people to be around for three months.

I have pushed myself harder than I thought possible and I was able to succeed in all the tasks for my beach lifeguard. I dropped my timed swim from 7minutes and 40 seconds by a whole minute. With zero swimming background I was able to pass each task with flying colors because I worked hard and really wanted to earn it. It really helped that our instructor was amazing (Thank you Dickie!!). He is so supportive and really wanted us to succeed. It was a little hard at times because it seemed like I was the only one serious about this course.

I have fallen in love with surfing, oh my goodness! I will be a little afraid of the shark situation at home but there is no way that is going to keep me from the water. Dickie has taught me so much and I am so grateful to him! It is one of the most amazing feelings when you catch that perfect green wave and keep with it. Just sitting out back moving with the coming waves there is nothing better. Thank you for helping me find my new love.

I have fallen in love with Ireland; I will miss the green I see at every turn, I will miss surfing these beautiful waters and I will miss all of those who I have spent every day with, It won’t be the same without all of you.”

Stevie Rudolph, Sports Semester 2014

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