Global Scholars Irish History and Culture Summer Program

Pre-college July summer program for individual high school students; College Credits awarded.
July 9-30 2019
  • Overview

    The Drew University/Institute of Study Abroad Ireland pre-college summer program is for high school students aged 15-17. This program includes lectures on Irish history and culture, guided field trips, Irish language learning, and participation in traditional cultural activities. Students who successfully complete the summer program will receive three college credits from Drew University, NJ.

    Ireland is a safe and friendly place for young scholars to learn about a different culture, and to engage with global issues such as identity, conflict resolution, political awareness, community.

    You can visit the 2018 Global Scholars blog here

    Program Highlights:

    • Visiting Ireland! A safe, friendly and beautiful location, where you will learn all about Irish history and culture. You’ll see awesome places from the past, including ancient tombs, fairy bridges, castles and caves, cottages and towns that are part of the landscape of rural Ireland
    • You will meet fellow teens from Ireland, UK, Europe and beyond. You’ll have friends all over the globe after this program.
    • Expert lecturers and instructors will conduct interesting and engaging classes, workshops and guided trips. We have the friendliest counselors, supervisors and staff, and you will always have someone to help you, 24/7.
    •  Social engagement, service projects and group work will enhance your self-confidence, improve your social skills, encourage teamwork and expand your comfort zone in a context of balanced and supported challenges.
    • Students who successfully complete the program will receive three college credits from Drew University, which will be accepted as transfer credits at most U.S. colleges and universities.
    • We embrace diversity and foster an environment of tolerance, kindness and empathy.

    Payment information

    You can secure your place for only $500
    Pay deposit

    Or if you prefer you can pay in full $4000
    Pay in full

  • Accommodation Information
    Our summer students stay at on Campus in Bundoran, Donegal. Our campus is a safe and fully supervised building, with appropriate and secure accommodation facilities. Facilities include an on-center outdoor adventure and activity suite, and our surf and watersports school. The building is warm, comfortable and teen-friendly. The center has free Wi-Fi, TV and DVD screen. Rooms are shared with 2/3/4 beds per room, and there is full supervision at all times. Rooms are en-suite and students can request to stay with friends if travelling together.  Other info:
    • All bed linen is provided and room lists are provided in advance for allocation purposes.
    • There is always a first-aid trained member of staff on duty and the doctor's office is here in Bundoran. Sligo hospital is just 25 minutes away.
    • Food is provided on site and we can cater for all dietary needs and allergies. Vegetarian options are also offered.
    • Breakfast is continental style, cereal, fruit, toast, preserves, tea, coffee, more toast!
    • Lunch consists of soup & sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads, pizza, depending on how long you stay/what option you choose.
    • Dinner is a choice of 3 main courses followed by dessert.


    Bundoran Town, Donegal

    Red Room


    Yellow Room 


    Red Room



  • Information for Parents
    What is the booking process?
    • Book your place by paying a $500 deposit using the link on the right sidebar of this page.
    • Once booked you will be given a login to your account – from here you are required to complete a more detailed data collection form.
    • ISAI will share program and flight information with accepted students (as a reminder, airfare is not included in the cost of attendance).
    • If you accept our offer of admission, you will be required to submit the following documents:
      • Proof of travel insurance (including outdoor sports)
      • Completion of ISAI Health Forms (online)
      • Statement of Due Warning and Assumption of Risk Form
      • Consent for Emergency Treatment Form
      • Student Code of Conduct Agreement
      • Flight Information (copy of flight itinerary)
      What if there is a medical emergency? There is always a first-aid trained member of staff on duty and there is a doctor's office in Bundoran. Sligo hospital is also 25 minutes away. Are all meals included? Yes. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets are accommodated also.  Are there church facilities? Yes, if students wish to attend Sunday services, this will be facilitated  What if my child is sick? If your child is unwell, we will immediately contact you. There is a local medical practice five minutes from campus, and a full service hospital 25 minutes from campus. We will consult with you first, unless an emergency occurs, and in that case we will get emergency medical treatment and then we will contact you.  How much does it cost? This program costs $4000 including meals, accommodation, tuition, college credit, activities, field trips, cultural entertainment, adventure activities, wetsuit and equipment rentals. Airfare is not included. Transfer from the airport to the programs is included and is supervised. Is there a payment plan? Yes- we can arrange this to suit you. A deposit of $500 is required to secure the place. What if my child gets homesick? We are very experienced at dealing with homesickness, and it has never yet (in 21 years) endured beyond the first two days. What if there is an emergency at home? We are contactable 24/7 and will make whatever arrangements are necessary. Please ensure your child has travel insurance, which will provide for emergency travel if required. Travel insurance policies cost approx. $80 and offer comprehensive cover for emergencies, lost luggage, cancellations etc. A travel insurance policy is compulsory. Will my child need a vaccine? We recommend a tetanus booster before travel. Is there a laundry facility? Yes- laundry is collected on site  and there is a charge (by weight) for this service.  
  • Testimonials
    The most reassuring endorsement will come from other parents, and we have many parents of former students who are happy to speak to you directly. Please email us and we will send you contact details. Here are some reviews from recent visitors, and if you are on Facebook, there are many more reviews on our FB page, which you can visit here  Each of the sentiments below was written by students attending ISAI. "This trip was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The professors/directors are the sweetest people and are always trying to make you as comfortable as possible. The town of Bundoran is a beautifu town with so much to offer. I wouldn't trade the experiences and memories for anything!"  Sydnie M. "I would (and have) recommended this program to everyone I know. This program has changed my life and has opened my eyes to the world. Niamh and John made everyone feel like family. The people you meet will end up becoming your new family, and the places you visit will feel like home." Steven D. "This was an experience of a lifetime!! Learned so much history about Ireland. Ireland is full of wonderfully-thoughtful people and beautiful scenery. Niamh and John are full of Irish knowledge they want to share and pride for their country. They gave me a new respect for Ireland and it people. Everywhere you look is a picture waiting to be taken!! Loved it."  Billie W. "My experience in Ireland was very authentic and powerful. Coming from a minority community, I did not know what to expect. I found that Irish history had many similarities to my history, and there were connections I did not expect. I also found Ireland very welcoming and friendly."  Mikayle G. "One of the best and memorable travelling and studying trip I've ever been on. It helps me to overcome my fears and just be who I am as a student and mostly a human being."  Lawrence S. "It was all worth it, I learned so much about my ancestors, and got to walk in the castle they owned. Absolutely amazing!" Collin R. "John and Niamh do such an amazing job making sure you have a great time and learn and see as much of Ireland as you can! Could not recommend this trip any more than I have, totally worth every penny!" Jacob W. "This experience is unforgettable, and it has been the best week of my life. I'm literally so sad I have to go, I could cry. I love Ireland" Sierra C.