Peter Flood

Posted on 6th July 2015


“Deciding to take this fall semester off from school to go to Ireland has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Not only have I made a some lifelong friends, but I’ve also allowed myself to grow mentally and physically which was exactly what i was hoping for. At first I was somewhat nervous About moving to a small town in Ireland for 3 months, of course I was apprehensive about being with a bunch of new people I didn’t know but I was happily surprised to find everyone I’ve met while in Bundoran/Ireland has been super cool. The staff at the Institute of Study Abroad Ireland¬†¬†were super helpful, especially when someone needed help. The connections I’ve made with people here in Bundoran have been amazing and I’m so happy to have made so many friends here, I know I will have to come back for at least another three months as soon as possible because i know even though I haven’t even left yet, as soon as i get back to fast paced, stressful, real life America, all I’m going to crave is a surf session in Bundoran.

Surfing has turned out to be a newfound love of mine that I know I will continue doing for I’d hope my whole life and am so happy that I got to experience it in one of the coolest places I can imagine to surf. I definitely plan on trying to save up some cash when I get home to get a board of my own so that I can start surfing at home, then be able to come back even better than before. In addition to the surfing, ropes was one of my favorite things we learned, not only being certified on the DAC ropes course but just knowing the knots and just the general experience I’ve gained at getting over any slight fear of heights that i had before is such a valuable thing. Although I did not get my beach lifeguard, the knowledge of CPR, first aid, and general lifeguard tools will be valuable to really any job I do with people later in life. Overall, I could not be happier with how my experience went on the OITC course and the skills I’ve gained I’m sure will be quite helpful in a future workplace or just in daily life.

Peter Flood, Sports Semester Program 2014

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