Lucky King

Posted on 3rd July 2015

“I have no Irish background but had a wonderful trip and learned a lot. It was great to have the opportunity to live with a friendly Irish family and during the day, learn about the culture, history and see historical places that tied into what we had learned in the morning! I did not know what to expect being as young as I was and I truly believe I learned a lot in the short time I was there. I have always wanted to return to Ireland since and have not yet had the opportunity but am thankful to Adventure Ireland for giving me my first taste of a beautiful and rich country!
Ali Kovacs

My time in Ireland with the Adventure Ireland camp was the most amazing experience of my life. I met so many life long friends and learned so much about my heritage and family. My favorite memory of the trip was when Niamh told us about the horrific struggles of our ancestors and by coming back to the lands they once roamed, that we are the happy ending they only dreamed of. Niamh, Collie, and the rest of the staff at Adventure Ireland Summercamp are an amazing bunch of people dedicated to making your Ireland experience one you will cherish for the rest of your life.”

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