Jake Silverman

Posted on 6th July 2015


“I have had the time of my life these past three months. Not only did I make some good friends but I cant even begin to describe how hooked on surfing I am now. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I first got here, but it turned out better than I could’ve imagined. I really enjoyed the difference of the Irish lifestyle compared to an American one. Everybody is so friendly and seems to just be more relaxed. Not to mention the scenery. Back home I don’t live near the ocean so being a five minute walk away from an amazing view of it was incredible.

The course was also a great experience. I never thought that id learn how to surf and now on my last day I caught multiple green waves, it just blows my mind to think that three months ago I had never touched a surf board. However it was most certainly challenging at times. When we had to do a tough swim or Fiddy’s we would all dread it until after we were done, then there was that feeling of accomplishment that we got it done. Not to mention the fact that i am most certainly in better shape now than i was when I first arrived.

I also feel like I have gotten a much better hold on my diabetes and how to manage and take care of myself. Ive become more comfortable doing physical activity knowing how my body feels when I either have high or low blood pressure. Im really thankful for that because it was something that really was on my mind before i got here. Over all its been great for my health.

Peter, Cillian, and I got along great. Besides the week that I took to be with my girlfriend I haven’t been away from Pete for more than a couple hours for the past three months. And we haven’t killed each other yet so how bad could it be right? I feel like they will definitely be my friends for a while to come.

I will absolutely, one hundred percent be back one day, and it will be grand.”

Jake Silverman, Sports Semester 2013

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