Bill Guinan

Posted on 3rd July 2015

“Our son Billy has attended AI programs since he was 11 yrs. He is now 17 and at Villanova and still he went back to AI last summer for 2 sessions. The program itself is very well run and very attentive to the students needs. The staff is outstanding and very dedicated. We have met almost the entire staff at one time or another and Niamh and Collie definitely have the kids “best interest” always in mind. Since our son’s first trip, has has returned every summer, sometimes with friends from the area and sometimes by himself. The past 3 years he also attended an intensive French Language Summer Program in France in addition to his Ireland Program. (That was my wife and I’s excuse to visit europe, we usually met him in Dublin and dropped him at his French Program) As for logistics, supervision and organization of the Adventure Ireland Program. I have never seen any better. Niamh and Collie give very detailed instructions for arriving in Dublin. The accommodations at the camp are great according to Billy and the program is structured so their Irish programs, sports and a good deal of bus trips to major sights of interest. So, in closing, I guess you know our experience with AI has always been a positive one”

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